It’s a simple pleasure, but there are few things more satisfying than walking into a shop or bar or restaurant and hearing a really great song. You let your guard down. Immediately, you’re home. If it’s somewhere that you’ve never been before, you’re intrigued. What is this strange new place and where has it been all my life? And if the next song and the next song are great, you’d probably go out of your way to make it back there, right?

Cafes, boutiques and other small businesses want to create spaces that stimulate a feeling of instant comfort for their customers. Business owners strive to create a unique visual feel that makes their customers feel at home while expressing their personality. A well curated visual space can help differentiate your business from others. But music speaks to a different part of a person’s brain. You can create a feeling of instant relation to people simply by sharing the right song. Music is the easiest shortcut to standing out. Music possesses the ability to transcend decorative flourishes and speak directly to a person’s soul.

The changing of the seasons has a big impact on our lives. Fall brings relief from the scorched intensity of the summer heat, while also signaling that it’s time to get back to business. People are always a little more serious in the fall, and a good Fall playlist should reflect that.

Fall is a little bittersweet. More than any other season, fall feels like it’s between two worlds.

We made a playlist that we think channels the spirit of the season. It would be cool if you liked it enough to play it in your place of business, but what would be even better is if it inspired you to create the perfect Fall playlist for your customers.

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