Helena Barquet and Fabiana Faria

co-founders - Coming Soon New York

Helena Barquet and Fabiana Faria

What are 3 of your favorite small businesses in New York?

Scarr’s Pizza

Scarr’s Pizza

F: Scarr’s is pretty much across the block from our shop, so it’s been a love affair between us since he started the buildout. It took a really long time for him to get everything set up, because Con Ed wouldn’t turn on the gas and so on. Every city-related issue imaginable.

H: The blood, sweat, and tears we watched Scarr put into this thing! Having gone through a lot of that with our own shop, we really felt like we were in there with him.

F: But then, when Scarr’s finally opened, everything paid off bigtime. The way the details come together in that space is just incredible. The wood paneling, the mirrors, the old New York posters - that was all Scarr. It looks like the set of a hitman movie from the ‘70s inside!

H: And of course, the pizza itself is unbelievable. The cheese is from DiPalo’s...

F: ...He’s making his own flour, he’s sourcing everything properly, nothing is canned. But he’s not the guy to talk about all that, you know? He doesn’t make a big deal about it.

H: He let’s it breathe. Doing more by doing less. I think that’s also why it’s so comfortable to just hang out there.

F: And of course, name another slice spot with a wine selection as killer as his! You can’t.

Stanley's Pharmacy

Stanley’s Pharmacy

F: Around the time we were building our space out, Stanley’s was really our safe haven.

H: Stanley opened up about a year earlier than we did. So, aside from being a real refuge for us while we were dealing with construction on Coming Soon, he was a much-needed voice of reason throughout the process. Plus, he’s actually the local pharmacy so he’s super dialed into the community. His network is much broader than the group of people that, say, we might have in common.

F: Where in the world are you going to find a place that’s original as Stanley’s Pharmacy? He’ll help you sort out the right treatments for any condition you have. He’s so incredibly caring to everyone who comes by, will serve you custom-made kombucha or watermelon juice, and play some records on his awesome DJ setup. What other pharmacy has two turntables behind the counter?

H: The design of the place is really respectful of the neighborhood, too. From everything being in Chinese as well as English...Stanley is a native New Yorker so the nuances in his brand really speak to how much he cares about the community.



F: When Kiki’s first opened, it was packed front to back with locals. Actually, this whole block was a mob scene because of how crazy the traffic was at Dimes, too. It was amazing to have these two spots that really became great spaces for the community to hang out in on one block.

H: And who doesn’t love Greek food?

F: Paul, one of the owners, has been really deliberate about helping the original tenants in the space move into their new spots. He kept the original awning they had up. Again, just another example of native New Yorkers looking out for each other as much as possible. H: And the best thing is that Kiki’s lacks any kind of pretension. The staff here makes everyone feel super welcome, the food is incredible, and for the price it’s absolutely unbeatable. It’s just such a fun time.

Why is it important to support independent businesses?

H: Well because they’re authentic, they’re original, and they care.

F: Think about it, right? Each of the three places we walked into today - all three owners were there. Handling shit, taking care of their customers - whether you’re a regular or a first-timer. It’s all about that support system independent businesses bring. We’re all in walking distance of each other, so when we’ll do events, Paul will come by with ice and beers for us. Then, whenever I try to pay him back, he’s always like, “no way, get away with that!” Likewise, you’ll always see people walking into our shop holding cups with orange straws because Stanley sent them over. And half of Scarr’s family - his wife, their siblings - have bought up everything in our store.

H: That’s right. The most important thing is how mutually supportive independent businesses and the communities they’re in can be. All of that happens on the most personal level possible, which just isn’t something a big corporation can do for the neighborhood.

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